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Categories of Heat Sources for Homes

If you are living in the extremely cold areas, you need a heating system to keep you warm. Deciding whether or not to replace your current home heating system can be a stressful decision. You need to conduct extensive research on the market before you install a heating system in your home. You can choose from the following listed sources.

Furnaces are commonly used as heat sources in the modern houses. There are various types of furnaces. A furnace is a device that lets air in the house through a number of vents. The air that enters the home is heated. The furnace then blows the warmed and filtered air to the whole house. The main sources of energy for the furnace are either gas or electricity. The furnaces can also be modified in a way that wool or coal power them. The best furnace is the one with a fan that has an adjustable speed. If you can adjust the speed of the fan of your furnace; you are sure that you will spend less energy.

An alternative source of heat in homes are the heat pumps. You can choose to either use the ground source or the air source heat pumps. The two types of heat pumps apply different principles. Air source heat pumps use the heat in the outside air to warm the house. These types of heat pumps are only appropriate for the mild and warm areas. These heat pumps are also used to cool the houses in the warm areas.

The ground source heat pumps are often called the geothermal heat pumps. They use the fact that underground temperatures stay the same throughout the year to heat a home. The system pulls the heat from below the surface to heat a home. There are only a few homes that are installed with this heating system. If you are looking forward to saving the energy in your home; you should use the ground source heat pump.

Radiant heat can also be a source of heat in homes. Radiant heat is extracted from radiant baseboard heat, radiant ceilings and hydronic systems. Baseboard heat uses long metal units with heated electrical systems inside them. You do not have to control the heating units. However, it does not show the current temperature of the room. They can be used as the primary sources of heat as well as the secondary forms for the rooms of the home that are very cold. The radiant ceiling or the floor heats uses electrical units that are placed in the floors or ceilings to produce and distribute heat.

Space heaters are common and efficient sources of heat in a house. They are often used to heat a small area of the home instead of the entire area.

Seek the services of a heating system expert before you purchase the unit.

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