Questions you should be asking your wedding photographer

Don’t get befuddled and stressed when hiring a wedding photographer. Stick to these important questions, make notes and you’ll be equipped to make a great decision.

  1. Have you taken photos of a wedding at my venue before?

If the answer is yes, then they might be able to show you photos of weddings they’ve shot at your venue. They will already know the best spots for getting great shots and you get a good idea of the style you can expect. It doesn’t matter if they’re unfamiliar with a venue, you can always suggest a visit prior to the big day to get acquainted with the place. To book your Luxury Wedding Photography, visit

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  1. Can I ask that certain pictures are taken?

Of course you should ask if there are specific photos you want. Talk to your photographer ahead of the day and have a list prepared for them of who, how and when you’d like the images taken. Don’t make this list too long as you must trust the creative flair of your professional photographer to get the best combination of images for you. However, if a few shots would be dear to you, then definitely request them.

  1. How many hours will you stay with us?

You want to be sure that your photographer will be with you long enough to get all the images you want captured. Check to see how many hours is included in a full day. Will you require their services before the ceremony to capture getting ready? Do you want them to stick around long enough to capture your first dance? Think about the timing and schedule of your day and how long you will need them to be on site with you.

  1. Will there be an album included?

If an album is part of the deal, ask to see it to check you’re happy with it. If there is no album, ask if they know of anything that they’d recommend. If your photographer offers to put an album together for you, ask to see previous examples so you can check that you’re happy with their choice of style and the way the photos are displayed.

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  1. What happens in an emergency?

You need to know if there’s a plan B should disaster strike and the photographer is unavailable through illness, for example. Established and professional photographers will have a contingency plan and a list of trusted photographers they can call on to cover their bookings should they be unavailable. If they don’t have an answer or didge the question, tell them if they want your booking, you need them to have a back-up plan.

  1. Check references

It’s a good idea to speak to other couples who used the photographer and see if they would recommend them and if they were happy with the service provided. Visit the photographer’s website to read testimonials and feedback.

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