Spring Fashion Trends You’ll Want to Shop For

Are you still clinging to your skinny jeans? 2018 is rocking the boat when it comes to trends that have stuck around for a while. Say goodbye to tired form-fitting pants, ripped anything and typography tees. This spring is a little more buttoned-up and classic. Here are four fashion trends from spring 2018 you’ll want to add to your closet straight away.

Bold All Over

While we’re still about making statements this year, we’re handling it a little differently. 2018 isn’t about little pops of color here and there. The trend this season is bold, highly saturated primary colors from head to foot. Think of a cardinal red suit and matching blazer like the one Kate McKinnon wore on The Tonight Show, or a lemon yellow dress. This trend isn’t for the faint-hearted. You will be noticed. It’s super easy to pull off as you don’t have to worry about coordinating colors. If you’re going to shop for this trend on for size don’t hold back — a little won’t help you here.

Color Trends

While we’re on the subject of color, there are several unique shades that are stylish this season. Dusty blue is making a comeback and was a popular choice on the runway. Although pastels were an obvious choice, we thought the addition of a barely there lavender was refreshing. If you’re feeling super bold, a reoccurring theme so far this year has been a deeply saturated tomato red. Yellow as a trend is still going strong but we’re moving away from duller ochre into brighter hues such as marigold, lemon and butter. If you’re not feeling brave, work these trends into your daily look by shopping for eye shadow, bold lipstick and jewelry in trendy colors. If you want to be really fashion forward, select one of these colors and wear it all over as mentioned above.

Checkered Patterns

Perhaps inspired by the royal marriage of Meghan Markle to Prince William, this season has seen an influx in classic British patterns, silhouettes and textures. While checks are never really out of style, this year you’re free to mix and match patterns and sizes. Opt for checks in neutral naturals like classic Burberry. Shop https://www.groupon.com/coupons/stores/bloomingdales.com for some excellent Burberry discounts. If you’re not ready to invest in a full checkered ensemble, try weaving this trend into your look with a tasteful silk scarf or a structured tote.

Wide Legged Trousers and Cotton Jeans

Stretch skinny jeans and yoga pants are out. Classic trousers, like the ones seen here, and jeans make a comeback this year. 1990s nostalgia has seen a resurgence in high-waisted 100% cotton jeans. It’s likely this trend will be around for awhile. Since we’re getting cleaned up this year, make sure your jeans are tidy with no rips. In addition to structure, we’re playing with form. Wide leg, stovepipe pants and flares will become more popular as the year goes on.

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