The Lessons You Can Learn From These 6 Style Icons

Style, simply put, is the way in which you express yourself. These style icons have used fashion as their tool to express themselves through a particular arrangement of clothes and accessories. Throughout the ages, these individuals have been so successful at letting their style shine, that we have become to know and love them as fashion icons. Today, we will be taking a closer look at these fashionable influencers and determining a few lessons that we can learn, as well as adapt, into our own sense of style.

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And now, let’s have a look at the lessons you can learn from these 6 style icons.

1. Audrey Hepburn

Whenever we think of Audrey Hepburn, her iconic scene from Breakfast at Tiffany’s comes to mind. A perfect display of ‘Old Hollywood’ style, Audrey Hepburn is most likely the reason the world has included the Little Black Dress (otherwise known as the LBD) into the list of wardrobe essentials. Over and above her classic style which included items such as fitted pants, cropped silhouettes, hats, and earrings; she always maintained an air of femininity and confidence.

The lesson:

Be sure to include a simple yet statement item like an LBD in your wardrobe. From adding belts to layering it with shirts and pairing it with various jackets, a little black dress is a must.

2. Michael Jackson

The King of Pop remains a huge fashion icon; influencing some of the biggest stars today including Pharrell, Chris Brown, Kanye West, and Beyoncé to name a few. He is known for rocking statement pieces such as one glitzy glove, white socks with dark outfits, fedora’s, and – of course – his many iconic jackets. From Military-style to Moto-jackets, the Letterman to the infamous red “thriller jacket” – this man knew how to rock a trophy jacket.

The lesson:

Invest in a quality trophy jacket, otherwise known as a statement jacket. Having 2 or 3 unique pieces suited for both formal and informal occasions will save you loads of time in finding the perfectly appropriate outfit.

3. Grace Kelly

Her simple, classic, and elegant approach to fashion is what made Grace Kelly a style princess. She is synonymous with sophistication yet never took herself too seriously. Her timeless wardrobe consisted of feminine and tailored ensembles such as princess cut dresses (how appropriate) with a fitted bodice and nipped waistline with a full, circle skirt. She also was a fan of pencil midis, modest necklines, capri pants, crisp cotton shirts, and pearls.

The lesson:

Tailored pieces are important to include in your wardrobe as perfectly-fitted clothing polishes off your look. These are best in classic neutral hues and don’t be afraid to add a splash of color here and there; Grace Kelly loved adding her favorite color – light yellow – into the mix.

4. Rihanna

This talented singer always dazzles on stage or on the red carpet with bright colors, bold prints, and a fearless approach to fashion trends. On or off-duty, Rihanna rocks a wide variety of looks; from grunge glamour to androgynous chic, sporty ensembles to unmatched avant-garde, loads of accessories to matching lipstick. The only thing to expect from this modern fashion icon is the unexpected.

The lesson:

Be fearless with fashion and experiment with new trends as well as play with eccentric combinations of various styles. You may discover a new look that will help you better express your unique self.

5. James Dean

James Dean is the perfect example of an ‘accidental’ style icon with his effortlessly iconic and sexy laid-back style. His rebellious casual-cool wardrobe was a statement that initiated the ‘dress down’ of Hollywood, where his key items included grey wool trousers, simple polo shirts, white T’s, denim jeans, and lightweight jackets.

The lesson:

Effortless and comfortable clothes are a necessity, allowing you to radiate your confidence in a relaxed way. Soft textures and a ‘uniform’ of simple items will be your go-to when casual-cool is your desired look.

6. Michelle Obama

Dubbed as the First Lady of Fashion, Michelle Obama is renowned for her classy and sophisticated style. Although there are many comparisons drawn between her and Jackie Kennedy, Michelle Obama’s style has evolved into its own legacy. Dressing to suit the mood of the occasion or event; she uses statement pieces, accessories, striking colors and prints, and flattering shapes to achieve her appropriate look. Michelle Obama also chooses her items wisely, splurging on a few statement pieces while not ruling out the value of bargain shopping.

The lesson:

Find the meeting place between fashion and function, accentuating the positive aspects of your body. Don’t feel like you have to spend loads of cash to imitate someone else, rather spend time at becoming your best self.

So there you have it, our list of 6 style icons and the lessons we can learn from their fashionable escapades. From statement pieces to cool and casual; style is about expressing who you are – so don’t be afraid to use your wardrobe as a tool to share your unique self with the world.

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